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We help individual and corporate investors to realise their business objectives in Portugal! DOING BUSINESS IN PORTUGAL CAN BE VERY PROFITABLE! Realise your business objectives in Portugal, through our hands-on and personalised approach. BEAUTIFUL PORTUGAL WELCOMES YOU
If you are contemplating investing in Portugal directly or indirectly, then you will need an expert guide to steer you through choppy financial, legal and tax waters.

About Us

With two fluent English & Portuguese Speaking Chartered Accountants we are well placed to deal with all your accounting and taxation matters in Portugal.

At DMA we specialise in:

  • Taxation
  • Non-Habitual Residence
  • Fiscal Representation
  • Accounting

Ensure your professional advisors are thorough, professional and trustworthy.

In a foreign country with uniquely different accounting, tax and legal systems, it is imperative that tax payers are able to access professional help in order to avoid the pitfalls that could cost them dearly.


Third state citizens may be granted a temporary residency permit in Portugal.


Portugal will exceed your expectations. Discover all that Portugal has to offer, from Tax incentives to its glorious beaches.


Portugal implemented a Personal Income tax system for the non-regular resident, with the purpose of attracting...


As a result of the Brexit agreement British Nationals who have activities and property in Portugal...